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When I visit this poor planet in November 2007, 50 years after my death in a prison in the democratic fascist world, many things were different… Many things that I have asked for in my Last Will was not followed. My Trustee didn’t follow my wishes, as appear in my Last Will:

e. I therefore direct my Trustee and his successors that nothing whatsoever must be changed in any of the documents and that they should be put away and stored for 50 years to secure their safety from destruction and falsification by anyone interested in the falsification and destruction of historical truth.”

It takes some time before I get familiarized with the new conditions in the world and while I was looking around for my influence in the current chaos, I discover that the same year of my death, Eva and Bill produced a microfilm collection of 7 reels with a lot of my published material! And later, my dear daughter have replicate those films and send them in public libraries around the world in order to preserve my words!

It wasn’t easy to locate the microfilms and it was even more difficult to obtain them. But once I get access to them I was dreaming of making them publicly available for all. After spending many hours studying how all those modern electronic equipments operate and hundreds hours digitizing them, the material included in those microfilms get primitively digitized. Then, the difficult thing was to make the Collection available to other persons.

Since I don’t have access in my own files – closed archives in a medical history library I learn… -, my plans for the near future is to try to locate as much as possible of my original publications and to make them available for all in a similar way. The work that some unknown to me friends have done in organizing my bibliography will probably be the guidance for my next steps.

Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.

The ghost of Wilhelm Reich

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  1. In my past 1998-2010 I operated one of the free sites of your work. Giving much available for free.
    Eva’s gave permission to a few folks to those convert microfilms to digital CDs at the time.
    I am grateful to hear you are doing this.

    What you list of the index has been available on above old site and Orgonomy Mail list since approx 2000
    I hope you did not use time to reprint from scratch what has been done above as I already did that many years ago. . So do you have the actual reels digitized or just this and seeking support to do more than what has been done.?

    also the below list was published by Hal Tracey of Reich Orgone Archive West

  2. The microfilms distributed by Eva Moise Reich, M.D., are copies of master “silver base” reels and are only what are known as “diazo base” films. These are not of suitable quality to enable scanning into digital format files.
    Currently the silver base master microfilm reels produced by Eva Reich are being prepared for scan into digital format (.pdf files on CD-ROM disks). They will be indexed to link with the bibliographic citations in the “Year-Index” so that a reader may click on a Year-Index listing
    and immediately obtaina copy of Dr. Reich’s original publication.
    Current versions of the Year-Index may be downloaded at our website,
    Thanks to all for your interest and support. Harold Treacy, Director
    The Reich Orgone Archive
    (former Reich Archive West)

  3. Holy Cats! The links above lead only to a 2006 edition of our Year-Index and this lists only the “American Period” writings of Dr. Reich. Readers please open the link below for access to the
    most recent Year-Index list (published in 2014) that lists the European writings as well. HT

  4. Hello mr. Treacy,
    thank you for the links and for the details and for the work you have done all those years.
    I’m looking forward to see my indexed bibliography with pdf links!
    For the moment, this collection might not be of high quality, but it’s better than nothing.
    Or what do you think?

  5. @Hal… The older index is the index I posted on PORE web site prior to selling the domain in 2011when I retired the domain The newest one that you had past on to me in 2012; I forwarded to the recent owner of OML list and I believe that is the one sent out to all new members when they join the OML Orgonomy mail List today.

    I just rejoined OML yesterday seeing WR ghost was posting this and I received following files as attachment to a welcome to the OML group list..
    It begins with following:

    Copyright (C) 2012 by Harold Treacy
    Director, Reich Orgone Archive
    Contents: INTRODUCTION. approx. 380 lines of text
    ENTRIES LISTED BY DATE. 11,334 lines
    One objective of the Wilhelm Reich Bibliography project (suggested………………….

  6. @ Willie Ghost
    I am in process of downloading torrent to see. I have slow connection..
    I agree anything of your original work is great for availability on the internet in its original form. As owner of PORE before 2010; I posted my outrage about the WRITFs blantant mis-use of your last testament and re-translations. See the posting from 2008 at PORE Public Orgonomic Research Exchange.

    I sold the domain but not the writings. The above link is to parts of web that are archived forever and hopefully never lost.

    Hal, I, Eva, Roger, and Bill Moise; We were all present in Farmington court in winter 2004-5 to contest the WRITF; MBH & Raphael mis-use of the will and support the opening the archives for students to research. Little did we know that the WRITF was at that exact time having all previous translations by Wolfe retranslated to stop having to pay royalties for the original translations by Wolfe and you. This was a blatant distortion of your work and a blatant act of changing your words. So sad just to save money and for MBH a way to cut your close friends from the museum. MBH even took the cabin from Peter. One could go on about the treatment they gave to your family and to some true supporters yet it is best to stay on the positive side of life and do the good and spread the good of your time. Keep up the good work Willie. Someday when MBH passes on I will publish the letters between Eva and MBH that were past on to me by Eva. Eva certainly gave her all to protect your work as best she could at the time. Your death was devastating to her and the reason she let go of trusteeship. In court she tried to regain it. Eva and Bill were good folks and good friends to myself and many others. Know that all your children (Eva, Peter and Lore) and grand children cousins gathered on a warm summer afternoon and evening in coastal Maine and had a grand pot luck meal and celebration for Eva when she passed on. We enjoyed each others company and felt like a family on a afternoon picnic of years gone by.

  7. Oooops
    a correction of above post

    It was in 1974-1975 winter at Farminton
    Must be the over 60 memory fading in and out apoligies to Hal on mis quote of year..

    Hal, I, Eva, Roger, and Bill Moise; We were all present in Farmington court in winter 1974-1975 to contest the WRITF; MBH & Raphael mis-use of the will and support the opening the archives for students to research. Little did we know that the WRITF was at that exact time having all previous translations by Wolfe retranslated to stop having to pay royalties for the original translations by Wolfe and you. ……..

    …see above comment for rest of this

    Hi Willie,
    Your micofilm to pdf work excellent to serve purpose Eva wanted and I am doing my part as promised to her to spread the word. THANK YOU
    Write to me direct and I may find another way that you may find to help uyou other than giving monies as like Eva I have little to pass out anymore.. Hope to hear from you off this web.

    Best to be happy within and move on if needed.
    Have a Happy TG day from USA

    I am honoring a promise I made to Eva Reich before she passed on in 2008
    She asked me if the microfilms that she made available for scholars in
    libraries around the world ever got digitized that would I to do my part
    and help spread knowledge of them world wide as they preserve WR original writings in German and English. So I am helping by spreading the info via social media..
    Thank you

    PS by Jogg
    Eva Reich wanted them available in digital form in original format for anyone world wide. She took pains to distribute them to libraries dispersed in world to have available to all she could afford to make and distribute. These are not treasure perfect photos of the microfilm as I have seen myself today after following instructions and downloading. And you can not copy and paste or search through them. It is most about preservation for all to have his work unabridged or re-written. This was a crucial imperative WR insisted on in his last testament. Eva was compelled to preserve her fathers works as she was directed to do as she was the chosen trustee by her Dad. She passed this role on due to the emotional tide of grief and being overwhelmed shortly after after he died in Jail. Bless Eva’s heart for doing her best under her circumstances to honor her Dad’s wishes. I am just doing my part to honor my dear friends Eva Reich and Bill Moise that were instrumental in having these microfilms made and available.

  8. An updated version of the “Year-Index” will be distributed in the month of October, 2015. Its Appendix consists of lists
    of the holdings in the seven CD-ROM disks we are providing, that are exact copies of the material that Eva Reich, M.D., included in the original microfilm collection.
    p.s. ALL of the Eva Reich material fits on a single DVD disk (1.51 GB). Harold Treacy, Director
    The Reich Orgone Archive
    (former Reich Archive West)

  9. A reply to Renato (writing on Feb. 9, 2015): Please look up information about “automatic writing.” A whole book was
    dictated to author Allan Kardec (1804-1869) and he published it in 1856 as “The Book of the Spirits.” This renowned French author used a typewriter for his work!

  10. First, this collection is very welcome! Thank you so much!

    I feel sad that until now there is no edition of a “complete work of Wilhelm Reich”, including all of his texts, articles, books etc. in the original language he wrote them, structured in a book collection edition… this would help us a lot (mainly to work in better and accurate translations)… until there, this pdf package are so welcome! Thanks a lot for it!

    I would like to know if is there a possibility to include german manuscripts in a future updated package? It would be very welcome manuscripts of “Der Krebs”, “Orgonomischer Funktionalismus, Teil I, II” and others texts which are not included in this package.

    I wish you the best!

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